Membership Form – Lakeshore Canada Cricket League ( LCCL ) 

( General Members ) 

By completing and signing this form and (paying the required dues if applicable ) you are forthright a member of ( LCCL) and are therefore entitled to all of the Membership privileges of ( LCCL) including but not limited to voting at the Annual General Meeting and any special meeting(s) of the Membership. 

If you provide an email address and telephone number you are granting permission for (LCCL) to contact you. You are also granting consent for use of personal information by the LCCL and the City for the purposes of the Community Group Registry Program. 

You can withdraw your membership at any time. Your personal information will not be shared with (LCCL) Members unless permission is obtained. Members are also required to sign (LCCL) Code of Conduct. 

Name: _________________________________________ 

Address: _________________________________________ 

______________________ Postal Code________ 

Phone: ______________________________ 

Email Contact: ________________________________ 



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