Lakeshore Canada Cricket League

Annual General Meeting Minutes 

Friday, 26th January, 2024 at 9 PM virtually 

Board Members: 

Present: Manmeet Singh, Maninder Pal Singh, Saad Bin Subbooh, Gurinder Singh, Jatinder Kaur 

Others Present: 

Amit Chauhan, Divjot Singh, Akash Kandhari,  Junaid Siddiqui, Rishabh Dhingra, Simer Kaur, Sushanth Devaguptapu, Jasmeet Singh, Jasleen Kaur, Moiz Tariq, Aishwarya Aeron, Mudassir Malik, Siddhartha Sharma, Gurshaan Singh, Sanya Singh, Aakash Chandarana, Rajat Sharma, Nofil Bin Arif, Karishma Sachdeva, Kiran Hamid, Jasmeet Sidak, Mehul Kudaisya, Kunal Shah, Harris Malik, Vikram Singh, Meenu Singh, Ari Gupta, Sidharth Rajput, Supriya Patel

Quorum present? Yes 

Saad Bin Subbooh

Special thanks to the league executives and advisory board members who have put their heart and soul for Lakeshore Cricket League. These people along with the umpiring panel, teams & participants have ensured that we get one of the best cricketing experiences in Canada. This certainly would not have been possible without our combined effort.

Manmeet Singh 

This past year stood out to be the most competitive season ever at Lakeshore Cricket League. Introduced our exciting T12 Blast Tournament along with our regular T20 Format. 

We had informed everyone 24 days prior our AGM was scheduled and posted on our website and social media along with email reminders. Lakeshore Canada Cricket League is a not-for-profit organization, affiliated with City of Mississauga under the Community Group Registry Program. A lot of teams are on the waiting list. 

Benefits of being a part of CGRP 

• Priority Booking 

• 12 free monthly room bookings for executive meetings 

• 1 free AGM room booking 

• Get City Staff Liaison Hours for guidance 

• Access to the City’s Affiliate Insurance program 

• Permission to place a promotional sign on a City road allowance • Special event Vendor license – Community rate 

• Permission to use Registered Group Civic Mark 

• Training for Board Members

• Small Project Matching Grant Program

Increasing Demand of cricket
55 Teams on the Waitlist

● Continuation of Free training to our umpires & members in the season 

Annual Awards Night was a big success

Positive feedback from various players and teams regarding their overall experience in the season. 

Good level of umpiring 

League games, auction cup and super cup tournaments were organized

Free Cricket School Campaign

 Gurinder Singh 

All positions continue their term

President: Manmeet Singh

Vice President: Jatinder Kaur 

Marketing Director: Gurinder Singh 

Treasurer: Maninder Pal Singh 

Secretary: Saad Bin Subbooh

Summary of the season 

Outstanding Individual performances from the following. 

MVP of Elite Division, Summer Season 2023: Dennis Raphel, Predators.

Best Batsman & MVP of First Division, Summer Season 2023: Savneet Arora, White Knights, Raiders CC.

Best Bowler of First Division, Summer Season 2023: Udhayakumar Krishnamoorthy, Yukti CC

Team Winners for Summer Season 2023

Elite Division CHAMPIONSHIP - Predators CC

Premier Division CHAMPIONSHIP - Thunder Falcons CC Premier

First Division CHAMPIONSHIP - Black Panthers, Raiders CC

Maninder Singh 

Presented Financial Statements. Explained all items from Financial Statements. 

Also mentioned about the CGRP Rate and City of Mississauga bookings being shown separately for the ground permits in Financial Statements. 

Umpire fees to remain the same from last season. 

Jatinder Kaur 

Key focus for next financial year 

● More events connected with schools

Sponsorship engagement

● Focus on Video Highlights 

● Discounted equipment 

More fun engaging events for members which includes girls as well 

Planning for Lakeshore Cricket Academy which will involve both boys and girls

Saad Bin Subbooh 

Youth Academy Initiative Progress: We have successfully recruited young talents from various schools.

Youth Academy Objectives:

The foundation of our Youth Academy is not merely in cultivating skills in batting, bowling, and fielding but in instilling a deep-rooted love for cricket and teamwork in each child. Our vision extends beyond the cricket field, aiming to equip our young athletes with vital life skills through enjoyable yet rigorous cricket training sessions. By fostering strong fundamental skills and mental fortitude, we aim to prepare our youth to compete at the highest levels in Canada. Our academy is committed to a holistic development approach, ensuring that our training challenges are adequately designed for the continuous improvement of our young cricketers. We pride ourselves on being the cornerstone of cricket development in Canada.


AGM Adjourned at 10:35 PM, 26th January, 2024

Minutes submitted by secretary Saad


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