Lakeshore Canada Cricket League 



  1. NAME   

The name of the organization shall be Lakeshore Canada Cricket League.

Referred to herein as “The League.”



1.2     POLICY 

The League shall operate in compliance to law of the land 

  • The League shall abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code and shall be  be non-political, non-sectarian and non-racial. 



  • Lakeshore Canada Cricket League shall be Not for Profit Charitable Organization providing recreational activities that promote a rich, vibrant, and stimulating atmosphere,  centered to promote cricket among youth, women and adults in Mississauga.

  •   The League shall put an endeavour to improve health and encourage the members to remain active and socialize regularly through the sport  of cricket in Mississauga. 

  • The League shall organize all games / tournaments / sessions at the highest possible level and use  Live Scoring , Go pro Cameras, Good Quality Cricket Balls & Top Level Umpiring which will give a great experience to the players participating in Mississauga.



2.1     MEMBERS

  • Regular membership shall be open to all persons, irrespective of  caste, creed or color 


  • Members will complete a membership application and maintain their membership by an annual payment as agreed to at the Annual General Meeting for each ensuing year. 

  •  Membership fees are set by the Executive and ratified by membership at AGM.

  • Fees for specific activities and events shall be set by the Executive and documented in the meeting minutes.

ARTICLE 3 – Board Members


  • The League Board Members shall constitute the Executive Committee for the purpose of managing the affairs of The Lakeshore Canada Cricket League and referred to herein as the “Executive”.  

  • The executive shall consist of  a minimum of 5 Board Members     

Board Members positions : 

  • President                    

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Public Relations Director


  • At the initial AGM, 5 Board Members will be elected to serve for 2 years.     

  • Each Board Member  is eligible for consecutive terms if no one else is nominated.  

  • Each additional term is at the discretion of the executive.

  • Should vacancies arise within a term, the position may remain vacant until the next AGM or the Executive may appoint a member to fill the position until the end of the term.

3.3     DUTIES of Board Members 

  • Perform duties specific to their role to the best of their ability

  • Show due diligence

  • Helping members to maintain discipline and sportsperson spirit. 

  • Sound decision making

  • Demonstrate leadership to appointed committees

  • Keeping members informed

  • Understand and support the goals of the Lakeshore Canada Cricket League

  • Attend meetings with regularity and punctuality

  • Raise any concerns that has been brought  which they have observed or have been brought to their attention by a member

Board Members’ functions: 

a. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Governors. He/She shall exercise a general supervision over all the affairs of the Association and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Governors. In his/her absence or inability to act, the Vice- President shall perform his/her duties. In their absence on inability to act, a Chairman may be elected by vote of those present at each meeting of the Board of Governors or of the Association.

b. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed, and report on same as directed by the Board of Governors. He/She shall prepare each year a detailed statement of receipts and expenditures during the preceding year.The Treasurer shall ensure that all constitution-by-laws relating to the ' Articles of Incorporation' of the Association are properly completed and filed annually with the appropriate government authorities. He/She shall also be responsible for the safe keeping of such constitution-by-laws of the Association.

c.    The  Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association and the Board of Governors.  He/She shall direct and keep a proper file of such notifications of meeting as may be required by the Constitution and By-laws. He/She shall receive all communications and conduct all correspondence, retaining copies of each in a proper file. He/She shall prepare the regular Annual Reports and perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Governors.

d.  The Public Relations Director shall be responsible  for coordinating all the activities and events of the league and  builds mutually beneficial relationships between the league and the members.”

3.4    Vacancy 

Where the position of an Officer becomes vacant for whatever reason and there is still a quorum of Board Members, the Board may, by Ordinary Resolution, appoint a qualified individual to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the vacant position’s term of office.


A   Board Member may solicit assistance from the membership to help with their portfolio.  The committee will be led by the corresponding Board Members. The committee members perform their designated tasks without remuneration.


The following meetings shall be held to carry out the formal business of the group.  

4.1     EXECUTIVE MEETINGS                                                                                                                                 

  • Executive meetings will be held 4 times a year.

  • A record of attendance shall  be made at each meeting.

  • Agendas set by the President.

  • Meetings must meet quorum.  A quorum for a meeting shall be more than 50 % of  the Board Members. 

  • The Lakeshore Canada Cricket League will ensure decisions are made and meetings follow within the guide lines of “Roberts Rules of Order”

  • Members may attend an Executive Meeting and add an agenda item providing that they have made a request to the President 30 days prior to the meeting. 

  • Notification of Executive meetings  shall be sent a minimum of 14 days 

  • If an emergency meeting or special meeting is required, Board Members will be contacted within 5 days of meeting date

  • Emergency or special executive meetings will be called to address any business arising that needs to be voted on prior to the next scheduled Executive meeting 



  • The Annual General Meeting shall take place after closing of the fiscal year.

  • Notification of the meeting shall be given  to the voting members, a minimum of 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.  The notice will include the date, time, venue and agenda of the annual general meeting. 

  • A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall consist of 5% of eligible voting members  or 7 members.

  • All voting members in  good standing are eligible to vote.      

  • No Proxy voting will be permitted

4.3  Order of AGM

  The order of business at the Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be:

i. Official welcoming and start of the AGM by the President

ii. Review of Actions and Adoption of Minutes of preceding Annual General Meeting.

iii. President’s report

iv. Other Board Member Reports.

v. Treasurer’s Report

vi. Approval of Financial Statements

vii. Appointment of Auditor, if required

viii. Election of Directors

ix. New business

x. Adjournment



4.4      MINUTES

  • The Secretary or a designate will take minutes at every meeting

  • A draft of the minutes will be sent to the Board Members / Directors by email or mail 5 days prior to the executive meeting. 

  • The minutes will be approved at the next meeting

  • The minutes will be made available for the membership at the following meeting and on request.

  • Minutes of the meetings

The directors must ensure that minutes of a general meeting or a directors’ meeting are signed within a reasonable time after the meeting by the chairperson  of the meeting. 



The fiscal year of the Lakeshore Canada Cricket League shall begin on January 1st of each year and end on December  31st of each year. 

5.2     FUNDS

Funds are considered membership fees, donations, grants, sponsorship or other proceeds can be used to further the objectives of The Lakeshore Canada Cricket League.   


  • A bank account will be open in the name of  Lakeshore Canada Cricket League. The bank account shall be operated jointly by the President and the Treasurer of the League

  • Financial statements shall be provided at AGM for review and approval.The Financial Statements need to be approved by the Voting Members. 


The Treasurer is responsible for all organization finances by maintaining an accurate ledger of all monies received and expended.  He/she will show transparency and accountability by presenting monthly financial reports (income statement, balance sheet) at each Executive meeting and an annual financial report at the AGM.


A  Board Members or committee member shall not receive remuneration but can receive reimbursement  for expenses incurred for organization purposes.    




The Constitution and/or By-Laws may be amended by the following process:

By-laws may be amended or repealed by the board of directors at any time and such amendments or repeal shall be confirmed by an ordinary resolution of the members in the annual general meeting or extra-ordinary general meeting/special meeting of the members of the Corporation 

  • Motion to amend may be made by any club member in good standing at any regular meeting.

  • A minimum of 5% of members in good standing must be present to constitute a quorum.

  • The amendment must receive a minimum of 2/3 of the vote to be accepted by members present. 



  • The League representative if receives any complaint shall  try to resolve the matter immediately  

  • If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately, the representative will notify the Board of Management, of the complaint and details.  The complainant can contact the Board President directly.

  • The complaint shall be discussed  in the next general meeting.  


  • Complainants will receive in writing, a response to their complaint that outlines the board’s decision within 10 days of the meeting  


In the event of the dissolution and liquidation of the Corporation, any surplus funds or assets (after paying all debts and pending bills, dues etc.) shall be distributed to a non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors would decide at the time of Dissolution and have  unanimous decision and if need be the decision could be taken through voting of the members.     



Annual elections will take place at the AGM.


  • A nominating committee,   will be established to recruit and present a slate of Board Members who are willing to stand for office.  



No less than 60 days prior to the AGM, a list of all Committee positions to be filled along with a nomination form and position descriptions for each office, would be intimated  to the members. This process will constitute the Call for Nominations. Formal nominations are to be received no less than thirty (30) days prior to the AGM

In order to be considered, a candidate must be a member in good standing of the Lakeshore Canada Cricket League.  The candidate need not be present at the AGM to stand for election.




Each office will be voted upon separately.  The Chair will ask each nominee in turn whether s/he is willing to stand for the particular office, and allow him/her the opportunity to address, briefly, the members assembled.

If there is more than one candidate, voting will be conducted by the holding up the voting card. Scrutineers, selected by the nominating committee, will collect and tally the votes, signing and submitting the count to the Chair.  

If a single nomination is received for a particular office, that nominee will be elected by acclamation, with the Secretary casting one ballot.


A Minimum of 25 Voting members shall be enrolled. Any member over 18 years could be a voting member, provided he/she is a member in good standing. The Voting Members will need to complete  the Voting Membership Form to register themselves as eligible members to vote. First year members can still attend the AGM

7.5     SWEARING IN THE NEW Board Members

At the conclusion of the elections, the Chair will read the new slate of Board Members aloud, and the newly-elected Board Members will be sworn in stating “I do sincerely pledge my honour to the duties of my office to the best of my ability and in accordance with the principles of The Lakeshore Canada Cricket League. Following the swearing in, the newly-elected Board Members will assume their new positions and their terms will begin.  


A motion to confirm the election will be the first order of business at the subsequent Executive meeting.  

A motion to destroy the election ballots, if applicable will be the second order of business at the same meeting.


“All Board members, volunteers, staff and contractors are required to perform their duties and functions impartially, responsibly with integrity and in a manner that will withstand public scrutiny. No member will solicit or accept, for personal or financial benefit, a fee, gift or benefit that could influence decisions or affect their duties or functions.

Conflict of Interest: A director, officer, or member of a committee, who has an interest, or who may be perceived as having an interest in a proposed contract or transaction with the Corporation shall comply with the Act and shall disclose fully and promptly the nature and extent of such interest to the board and shall refrain from voting or speaking in debate on such contract or transaction, and shall avoid and refrain from influencing any decision on such matter.



Lakeshore Canada Cricket League.  (“LCCL”) understands the importance of protecting your personal information. To help you understand how we are doing that, we have outlined the type of information we will be collecting, how our association is using this information  and the purpose for which we would disclose your information if required.

The LCCL with acquire consent of members and registered participants or their legal guardian through signing a Registration form on our website before personal information is used by the League and the City.


Required Information


Player Name  Player Age  

Home Address  Parent/Guardian Names  

E-Mail Address  Telephone Numbers 


The league office will collect, store, use and disclose this information about you for the following purposes:


• to enable us (“us “ defined as representatives of the LCCL)  to contact you.


• to enable us to respond to requests & complaints from our members.


• to provide information/timing on games, practices, team photo shoots, and fund raisers.


• to allow us to maintain communication with you to distribute information pertinent to membership, player registration, try-outs and general association business.


• to inform you of any cricket matches, tournaments and children’s programs that the board deems of benefit to association members.


• to advise you of any changes to our association bylaws, board structure and board membership.


• to advise you of the date of the LCCL Annual General Meeting or any other meeting of members.


• to ensure our coaches understand, and can assist in  supporting, any material medical issues.


• to collect unpaid registrations and accounts and to invoice for goods & services rendered by the LCCL .


• to prove age eligibility for players.


• to distribute association sponsor news, deemed of benefit to association members by the board.


• to provide an informed cricket experience for all players and families.

 •  to enable us to respond to the City to meet the Community Group Registry Program policy requirements


All Individuals have a responsibility to:

a) Maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of Lakeshore Canada Cricket League members and other Individuals by:

i. Demonstrating respect to  individuals regardless of body type, physical characteristics, athletic ability, gender, ancestry, colour, ethnic or racial origin, nationality, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status.

ii. Focusing comments or criticism appropriately and avoiding public criticism of athletes, coaches, officials, organizers, volunteers, employees and members.

iii. Consistently demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership and ethical conduct.

iv. Consistently treating individuals fairly and respectfully.

b) Refrain from any behavior that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading, or malicious.

c) Comply at all times with the bylaws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations of Lakeshore Canada Cricket League

Member clubs will:

  • Follow all Lakeshore Canada Cricket League policies and procedures.

  • Refrain from negative communications with or against any other member club.

  • Support the game of cricket.

  • Ensure that all athletes and coaches participating in sanctioned competitions are registered members in good standing.

  • Avoid spectator-imposed pressures to win.

  • Be supportive of the athlete, team, coach, opponents and officials.

  • Maintain a supportive, constructive environment for all participants.

  • Be a Leader, a positive influence and role model.

Athletes will 

  • Adhere to all Fair Play principles.

  • Participate to one’s best abilities in all competitions, practices, training sessions, events, or activities.

  • Participate for the love and enjoyment of the game.

  • Respect the efforts and accomplishments of teammates and opponents.

  • Respect officials, coaches, spectators and event organizers.

  • Respect the facility where the competition is held.

  • Respect the rules of the game.

Board/ Committee members and staff will 

  • Act with honesty and integrity and conduct himself or herself in a manner consistent with the nature and responsibilities Of Lakeshore Canada Cricket League and the maintenance of Member confidence.

  • Respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature.

  • Ensure that all Individuals are given sufficient opportunity to express opinions, and that all opinions are given due consideration and weight.

  • Uphold integrity and conform to the bylaws and policies, Code of Conduct as well as the Conflict of Interest Policy

  • Know that when there may be a real or potential conflict of interest, it must be disclosed at the first opportunity.

  • Encourage members to act fairly and ethically.

  • Recognize the power inherent in the position and respect and promote the rights of all participants in sport. This is accomplished by establishing and following procedures for confidentiality (right to privacy), informed participation, and fair and reasonable treatment. 

  • Code of Conduct applies after a member leaves The League i.e. disclosing confidential information or use of contacts for personal gain

Level 1 offence includes showing dissent at an umpire’s decision by word or action - using obscene, offensive or insulting language that, appealing excessively - advancing towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing.

Player will receive a warning; another level 1 offence will be 5 penalty runs.


Level 2 offence includes showing serious dissent at an umpire’s decision by word or action - making inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with another player - throwing the ball at a player, umpire or another person in an inappropriate and dangerous manner - using language or gesture.

Player will receive a warning and 5 penalty runs awarded to the opposition.


Level 3 offence includes intimidating an umpire by language or gesture - threatening to assault a player or any other person except an umpire.

Player will be removed from the field of play for the rest of the innings and 5 penalty runs awarded to the opposition.


Level 4 offence includes threatening to assault an umpire - making inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with an umpire - physically assaulting a player or any other person - committing any other act of violence.

Player will be removed from the field of play for the entire match and 5 penalty runs awarded to the opposition.


The Code of Conduct will be strictly adhered to and the umpire will bring the charge(s) to the Disciplinary Committee or the Lakeshore Canada Cricket League Board. The captain of the side is responsible for the behavior and conduct of the players in the team. Apart from the charged player, the captain will also be penalized and/or fined for the behavior and conduct of his players. All charges will be laid by the officiating umpire(s) for infractions during the course of the game, including the durations of all breaks, and pre/post match periods where the umpire is ensuring compliance with issues related to the league policies including, but not limited to, filling out match sheets, , ground cleanliness, etc. Where there are separate incidents in the course of a match, the umpire should lay separate charges. If the person charged is found guilty of more than one offence, separate penalties with respect to each offence will be imposed. Penalties in such case are cumulative and not concurrent.


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